Computational systems biology

Prof. Eytan Domany, Department of Physics of Complex Systems

The main research activity of Prof. Domany’s group is trying to mine data from large-scale experiments in biology. Taking a systems biology approach, the team develops mathematical methods and computational tools, and analyzes gene expression data obtained from DNA and antigen microarrays, with a particular focus on the complex data associated with various types of human tumors: colon, breast, brain, prostate, skin, and leukemia. Their aim is to uncover different molecular mechanisms that cause cancer, look for the underlying transcriptional networks, correlate gene expression profiles with diagnosis and prognosis, and, possibly, predict effective therapy. Prof. Domany also studies temporal variation of gene expression in cell lines subjected to specific manipulations, with the goal of identifying gene expression dynamics that may one day serve as diagnostic biomarkers, or the basis of improved anti-cancer therapies.